Author: Jhilli Sahu, Business Development Executive, Skyy Rider Institutions

An analysis by Skyy Rider institutions on the basis of feedback taken from their thousands of the students over the year.

Once upon a time a prestigious study and job, so-called Engineering has lost its name and fame tremendously over the years. Unemployment is increasing with the same pace of demand for skilled engineers in industries. Unlike in past years, getting an engineering seat has become so easy that every student who fails to get a career in any field.

There is no single and final explanation which has concluded the argument and downfalls. There are several such reasons which are responsible for the alarming situation for the engineering sector. After taking feedback from thousands of our students, faculty members, colleges we have drawn some conclusions about the engineering downfall over the years.

Unemployment of engineering graduates every year

The above graphs depict the unemployment scenario of engineering students. Every year almost 1.5 million students are getting admission in the engineering field but among those just 18% of students gets a job, and some jobs are in non-engineering fields. The rest are going for a different career path, and they think its better to do a non-engineering job instead of remain un-employed.

Reasons for downfall in engineering jobs and demand:

  1. Lack of passion:-

The value of anything degrades when there is no passion involved in it. Some times due to bad facilities in certain colleges, uninterested teaching faculty or lack of infrastructure students lose interest in engineering. Basically such educational institutions don’t inspire students towards engineering.

  • Skills :-

The most important thing is skill, due to outdated course of study students remain unaware of current version of mechanism, and current working sector requires exelent skills on respected fields. I wouldn’t say that value of engineering is degrading in the working sectors, because the engineers are the creators of the mechanism in which most of businesses  are relied upon.

But it is a fact that engineering is being underestimated because lot of students are opting for engineering whatever is it their prospective field or not. And even if they complete their diploma or degree, their lack of practical knowledge  about their respective field they remain unemployed.

What is “Reason” behind degradation of engineering day by day….?

This is because Engineering Institutes are taking teaching as business and students are supposed to wish just get higher CGPA.  Students way of learning also outdated, that is rattafication  of class copy and some unupdated books just for complete syllabus.

But @Skyyriderinstitution taking steps towards making bright future of those students who really want to be a true engineer and have innovative ideas. And gives support to those students to gain practical and industrial knowledge.