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Industrial CNC Programming & Machining (Turning)

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  • Industrial CNC Programming & Machining (Turning)

Industrial CNC Programming & Machining (Turning)

  • Basic engineering drawing concepts & requirements
  • Concepts of each tool & its application
  • Hands on practice with industry followed production process.
  • Understanding of GD & T in industry design layout.
  • Complete knowledge of CNC programming
  • Pursuing B.tech (2nd yr. - final yr.)
  • Pursuing Diploma (1st yr.- final yr.)
  • Preparing yourself for a Production company.
  • Any enthusiast for refreshment with Industrial manufacturing process.
  • Ice breaker and setting ground rules.
  • Unit conversation, Basic geometry (2D and 3D), Study of Engineering Drawing, Precision Measuring Instrument (Vernier Calliper, Micrometer, etc.)
  • Personal Protective Equipment, Generic Safety
  • Introduction to Machining, Basic Parts of CNC Turning and working principles, Accessories and attachments, Cutting tools specification
  • Study of CNC machine, keyboard & specifications, Machine starting &operating in reference point, jog & incremental modes, coordinate system points, assignments absolute & incremental co-ordinate.
  • Identification of machines over travel limits & emergency stop, machine parts, mode practice (Jog, MDI, Edit, Auto, Single Block, MPG)Manual Data Input(MDI) mode operations & zero offsets & tool offsets Work & Tool setting.
  • CNC m/c part program preparation. Work offset & tool offset measurement.
  • Part program preparation by absolute & incremental programming.
  • CNC m/c turning with radius, Chamfer, Step turning.
  • Part program preparation, simulation & auto mode execution of CNC m/c exercises-stock removal, cycle OD, drilling/boring, cycle's stock removal and cycle ID etc.
  • Grooving/Threading on OD/ID in CNC turning
  • Offset correction practice
  • Size control on CNC machine
  • Sub program with repetition
  • Threading cycle OD
  • Sub program with repetition, sub-program with macro
  • Call eccentric turning etc.
  • CNC turning exercise: Multistate threading
  • Programming with variables
  • Geometry & wear offset correction, Part program preparation, simulation & auto mode execution of CNC m/c exercises-stock removal, cycle OD drilling/boring, cycles stock, removal cycle ID.
  • Completion certificate from Mini Tool Room & Training Centre, Set up by govt. Of Odisha.
  • Basic to latest knowledge for Industrial production.
  • Lifetime membership card
  • Personal support from faculty.
  • Discounts for future webinars/workshops/trainings.

Course info

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    Categories: CNC Manufacturing training

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    Duration: 30 days

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    Certificate: Yes

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    Skill: Advance

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