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Free Skill Workshops at Your Istitution Under Our Mission “Dream Skill India”

About Skyy Rider Institutions:

Workshop Registration Form (For Participants)

SKYY RIDER INSTITUTIONS (Formerly Sky Rider Automotive) was established in the month of September 2011 as “Sky Riders”. The company is firmly into training, development and creating employment in the various fields of Engineering and technology. SRI has been leading in providing advanced training in the field of Automobile in complete industrial pattern and helping many students starting their career in core fields. In addition to that, training provided by SRI in the fields of Aerospace Engineering, Renewable energy, Power sector, advanced IT and CS courses, advanced robotics, CAD/CAM are best in class. SRI has been setting up new milestones in quality of training and changing many lives and making India a hub of skilled manpower. Best trainers who have endemic experience and achievements in their respective fields are SRI’s major strength. SRI are working in a partnership with “Gram Tarang Employability Training Service- The preeminent player in Skill-based education providing sector”, “NSDC- Govt. of India”, and “Mini tool room and training centre, Set up by Govt. of Odisha” to enhance their quality of training.

Our Prime Motto: “Dedicated in Up-Skilling & Empowering Nation”

About MTRTC:

Mini Tool Room & Training Centre (MTRTC) set up by Govt. of Odisha (Managed by Gram Tarang Employability and training services); offers excellent opportunities for creating high end Technical Skills which results from rigorous exposures of Trainees to various theoretical aspects and adequate hands on practice to make them employment ready. MTRTC has been empanelled as registered vendor of HAL, Sunabeda to manufacture Sukhoi and MIG engine components. With ISO certified workshops and training facility, MTRTC is one of the finest organization for skill training for engineers.

Mission Dream Skill India by Skyy Rider Institutions:

Skyy Rider Institutions- One for the finest skill training institution, under their mission “Dream Skill India” has initiated various free training programs at their center and other institutions. The mission aims to provide free training to 1 million Indian students and make India a hub of skilled manpower.

Under the mission Dream Skill India, SRI provides free workshops and training programs at various institutions across India on latest development on emerging technologies in association with MTRTC, Gram Tarang (Partner of NSDC), Skill India, and industry partners from month of November to April (Winter Months) with Skill India Certificate (NSDC) of participation to Students. The workshops and training programs basically are skill and practical oriented. During the workshop we shall take an eye opening session about Skill India Mission, steps taken for adaptation new skill and enhance existing skill in India and scopes in industrial sector by 2020.

  • Best in Class: Skyy Rider Institutions is known for its quality of training and after training assistance. Automotive, Advanced robotics, IoT, embedded system, AR-VR, Aeromodelling workshops by Skyy Rider are one of the finest workshops provided in India. The success rate of all our workshops is 99% as on date. We not just provide all requisite conceptual clarity also we make a student independent, empowered and skilled.
  • After workshop assistance: Workshop is just a beginning towards a great mission- Our believe has made us leader in skill training and workshop sector. After workshop we strive to make every participant a master in the field. Starting from mentoring, guiding, helping in programming, free programming camps, flying sessions (for Aeromodelling workshops) etc. are provided to students to help them mastering in a particular area. We help, mentor and guide students to make futuristic projects in the field and bring success to the respective college.
  • Skill India and NSDC certificate of participation: End of all workshops students will get certificate valued by Skill India and NSDC. Best design, best team work and overall best team will be awarded separately with certificates and awards.

Important Notes:

  • Institute has to bear transportation cost (TO-FRO to institute) of all trainers from Jatani, Odisha (Our head office) and if required institute will provide accommodation of trainers t their campus.
  • In case of BS-4 and electric rickshaw training respective institute has to bear the cost of transportation of the vehicles.
  • Institute has to book slots for workshops over official mail confirmation only.
  • An institute can host all the workshops in different dates, but recommend hosting all the workshops in a single go to bear less transportation cost.
  • The workshop is intended to reach maximum students and spread awareness about the latest technological development in industry. So we recommend at least 100 participants per workshop from relevant domains.
  • We need the list of participants at least from 2 days to prepare certificates.

Procedure of hosting the Workshop at Institution:

  • Institutions have to send us an official mail regarding their interest of hosting the workshop with date and number of participants.
  • After confirmation of dates from our side, institution has to send us list of participants for NSDC certificate to enable us applying and arranging certificates.

Audio/Visual and Computer requirements for seminar:

During seminar we have to show pictures, videos and presentation to students for better understanding, so a class room with projector facility connected to computer is required for the workshop. Please contact the undersigned for more details.

Procedure of hosting the Workshop at Institution:

  • Students will learn from the basics to the latest technology in each field where they can explore.
  • Students will get a chance to interact with industry experts and get guidance for career.
  • Students will get mentorship from our trainers in their future work or projects.


End of the workshop we shall distribute the certificates. Certificate will be from NSDC Govt. of India.

Free workshops under Mission Dream Skill India :

We are conducting below 6 free workshops at various institutes with NSDC certificate. We recommend your institute to host all of them for the advancement of your students.

  • Advanced automobile workshops (Either a or b depending on interest of the institution)
    • BS-IV, i-EGR Technology & Troubleshooting technics by Ashok Leyland’s Know Van
    • Advance IC engine by from TATA MOTORS training program with IC Engine designing using Augmented reality and Virtual reality
  • Electric vehicle concepts and hand on training.
  • Game development using Augmented reality and Virtual reality.
  • Industrial robotics and application based IoT, Use of Machine learning & AI in industrial revolution 4.0 by Industry experts.
  • Implementation of Agile Technologies (Web and Mobile Application Development)
  • Entrepreneurship- A new career option & Role of Digital marketing for entrepreneurs (Workshop by successful entrepreneurs & Digital marketing experts of Odisha)
Sl No. Workshop Name Agenda of workshop Duration Speaker/ Trainer Certificate
BS-IV, i-EGR Technology & Troubleshooting technics by Ashok Leyland’s Know Van
(For mechanical and Automobile engineering students)
1. Introduction 30 Mins. Certified trainers of Ashok Leyland and Automotive trainers of Skyy Rider NSDC, Govt of India
2. Theory lecture 2 Hours
3. Practical 3:30 Hours
4. Certificate distribution
IC engine designing with Augmented reality and Virtual reality
(For mechanical and Automobile engineering students and anyone interested)
1. Introduction & Lecture on advanced IC engine by Tata Motors training program 1 Hours Automotive and AR-VR trainers of Skyy Rider Institutions NSDC, Govt. of India
2. AR-VR basics, Platform, Future aspects and roles of AR-VR in industrial revolution 4.0 1 Hours
3. Design of advanced IC engine using CAD software 1 Hours
4. Practical- IC engine dismantling using AR-VR 2 Hours
5. Certificate distribution
2 Electric Vehicle Concepts and hand on experience (We will carry an electric vehicle for the training purpose)
(Mechanical, Electrical branch students)
1. Introduction 30 Mins Automotive and electric vehicle trainers of Skyy Rider Institutions NSDC, Govt. of India
2. Electric vehicle concepts and technology 1:30 Hours
3. Practical- Electric vehicle dismantling & component training 2:30 Hours
4. Certification
3 Game development using Augmented reality and Virtual reality using C#
(For IT/ CSE/ Circuit branch students)
1. Introduction 30 Mins AR-VR and programmers cum trainers of Skyy Rider Institutions NSDC, Govt. of India
2. Theory lecture and programming basics 1:30 Hours
3. Development of a Game in groups 3:30 Hours
4. Certification
4 Industrial robotics & Application based IoT. Use of Machine learning & AI in industrial revolution 4.0
(For all branch)
1. Introduction 30 Mins Guest trainers from Robot Bosch or Toshiba India NSDC, Govt. of India
2. Theory lecture by Industry experts on basic, latest technological development 1:30 Hours
3. Practical cum project execution 3:30 Hours
4. Certification
5 Implementation of Agile Technologies (Web and Mobile application development)
(IT, CS, All circuit branch)
1. Introduction 30 Mins Programmers cum trainers of Skyy Rider Institutions NSDC, Govt. of India
1. Agile in Action 30 Mins
2. Impact of Agile 30 Mins
3. Impact of Agile in your career 30 Mins
4. Presence of Agile in development area like Android, IOS, Web, ERP Etc. 3 Hours
Entrepreneurship- A new career option & Digital marketing scopes in entrepreneurship
(Everyone interested)
1. Introduction 30 Mins Successful entrepreneurs and motivators NSDC, Govt. of India
2. Opportunity in Entrepreneurship 15 Mins
3. Support by Government for entrepreneurship 15 Mins
4.How to build a strong team 30 Mins
5.Product, marketing, branding, creating customer and retaining customer 1 Hour
6. Scopes of digital marketing &need of digital marketing in entrepreneurship 1:30 Hours Digital marketing expert of Skyy Rider

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